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Sara’s paper on reconfigurable, responsive, droplet-based micro-lenses is published in Nature Communications. Congratulations, Sara!

Sara’s paper was published on Tue, March 7th, 2017 in Nature Communications. It has been featured by several news outlets, including the MIT News,, and Technology Networks.

Sara and Anthony win the first and second poster prize at the Boston Photonics Centennial Conference. Congratulations, Sara and Anthony!

The Boston Photonics Centennial Conference took place at Harvard University on Saturday, Feb. 25th 2017. Sara won the first prize for her poster titled “Complex Emulsions as Reconfigurable Compound Micro-lenses”. Anthony won second prize for his poster titled “Butterfly fabrication of photonic crystals in vivo“. Congratulations!

Andreas Leber joins our lab as a visiting graduate student from the University of Erlangen. Welcome Andreas!

Andreas is going to work on a project focussed on elastomeric optical fibers.

Ben Miller joins our lab as a graduate student. Welcome Ben!

Ben is going to work on a project situated at the interface of bioengineering, optics, and materials science.

Marie Moudio joins our lab as a research associate. Welcome Marie!

Marie is working with Joseph on our dynamic photonic fiber systems, focusing in particular on their applications and scalable manufacture.

Meera Singh joins our group for a summer internship! Welcome Meera!

Meera, a high school student interested in bioengineering, joins our group for six weeks. Meera is working with Anthony, focussing on the maintenance of our butterfly culture and the modification of scale development in butterfly chrysalises.

Joseph won the Poster award at BioEl 2016. Congratulations, Joseph!

Joseph presented a poster on his work on biologically, inspired, color-tunable photonic fibers at the 3rd winterschool on bioelectronics organized by Johannes Kepler University.

Julia Kudryashev joins our group. Welcome Julia!

Julia, an undergraduate student in the MIT Department of Biological Engineering, will work with Anthony McDougal on studying the development of optical structures in butterfly wing scales.

Sara and Joseph passed the MIT Mechanical Engineering qualifying exams!

Congratulations Joseph and Sara! Well done!

Anthony McDougal joins our group! Welcome Anthony!

Anthony will initiate our efforts in studying and exploiting the morphogenesis of biological photonic materials.